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Our Services

Our Unique Perspective.

For over 50 years, the Canadian Mental Health Association – Peel Branch (CMHA/Peel) has been a pioneer in providing services for people with mental illness and educating Canadians about mental health issues. As the leading client-driven, community-based mental health organization serving the Region of Peel, we are innovative partners in proactively strengthening individual support, and developing a responsive mental health system.

CMHA/Peel champions good mental health for everyone and supports the full participation of those with mental illness and addictions in the life of the community.  In addition to providing a variety of mental health and addictions services, we are committed to community development, mental health awareness and addressing the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness.


Brief Services

Substance Use Program

Family Support Program

Mental Health Counselling Program

Client Rights
Recovery West

Recovery West is the name for our newest program at CMHA Peel. Recovery West replaces our Partnership Place and Eden Place programs, and also encompasses Vocational Support Services.

At Recovery West we believe that everyone in recovery from mental health issues should have support from their peers and a variety of opportunities throughout their journey in recovery. This program promotes Mental Health Recovery through groups, activities and vocational services with a focus on peer support.

For information on our Davidson Scholarship Fund click here


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